Business essay


Business essay

Title: Acquisition of Sears and Kmart

Writing a business essay is an integral part of studentís life in the university. There exists a number of sources available on this topic. The literature review is very important in business essay to understand what aspects to cover, what sources to select. Business analysis of the company you research should be mentioned in your essay. The analysis does not refer to large companies only. In the current market conditions it has become important for every organization. In your business essay you need to identify the needs for company survival and decision-making for successful problem solving. The most widely used parts included in this type of essays are: business plan, financing strategy, organization of the company, business project, competition, strategic planning.

The rapidity of business development requires the knowledge of all processes associated with leading companies in Canada and the United States as well as in the rest of the world. This is a free extract from business school essay created by one of our writers. This sample is the property of If you use this paper, you should cite it properly.

The Kmart Holding Corporation informed about its intention to acquire Sears and all business publications all over the country reported on the outcomes on the retailers, the real estate implications and the resolve of this step. It is clear that the acquisition of Sears by Kmart Holding Corporation may change the course of future corporation’s actions and plans. The Kmart is presently number three retailer after Wal-Mart and Target in the country. An academic analysis that was conducted on this event states the positive and negative results of the acquisition.
Tom Speh, the Rees Distinguished Professor of Distribution at Miami University, thinks the acquisition is a wrong step in this situation: "I do not think these companies have clear aims and will fit each other," he states. "It is not a similar situation with a merger of Kraft and Nabisco where one takes present opportunities and sells more product to reach the greater benefit. Until this moment, I do not see a weighty reason for acquisition."
The next problem is whether the new Sears Holdings Corporation will announce about a new mandate from its suppliers concerning the adoption of RFID technology. It will become clear only after the acquisition will be approved by regulators and shareholders. Tompkins' opinion is the following: "I do not think RFID technology will be presented in the nearest future," he points out. "The Kmart and Sears companies represent quite the opposite cultures and they will be out of business together." The shares of Kmart and Sears companies, two old-line department-store chains that were experiencing a stock- market renaissance, surged on.
The companies had strictly equal market capitalizations heading into the merger, with Sears' 206.7 million outstanding shares worth about $9.35 billion and Kmart's 89.6 million shares worth $9.07 billion. Examined as an acquisition of Sears, the cash price is a 10.5% premium to Tuesday's close while the stock component is valued at a 11% premium. Sears stock was recently up $10.10, or 22.2%, to $55.30. Kmart shares were also rising greatly, recently up $17.10, or 16.5%, to $118.33. The merger pairs two companies whose market price comes mostly from perceptions about the value of the real estate underlying their stores.
Success in business requires the study of social preconditions for the emergence of such activity, the public reaction before the results of this activity and the adjustment of its development. All these essential aspects refer to the study of social and economic trends in society. Business is a way of society development. It contributes to the development of thought that is the ultimate goal of the society.

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