Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management

Title: Human resource management and planning

Human resource planning is the process of ensuring the organization has the required number of qualified staff at the right positions at the right time. The primary task of staff planning is to adapt the existing goals and plans of the organization to particular needs for skilled employees, and determine the time at which they are requested. Organizational goals and strategies have meaning only when people with the necessary talent and skills are involved in achieving these aims. Human resource planning is used for two reasons. Firstly, it is required to determine the quantitative and qualitative need for staff at different levels in order to achieve tactical and strategic goals. Secondly, the company needs to determine whether the structural and human resources capacity adhere to the company’s objectives and strategies.
Human resource planning process consists of four basic steps: 1. determining the impact of organizational aims on the company; 2. identification of the future needs including the necessary qualifications of the personnel required to achieve the organization goals; 3. identification of additional staffing needs taking into account the existing company staff; 4. developing a specific plan of action to eliminate the need for staff.
Modern human resource management is the basis of management of the company in a market economy. According to the changes of the management system, the company develops appropriate modern approaches to building a system of personnel management. The staff is the most important human resource of an organization. Managers at all levels, and support staff are included in a complex system of organizational relationships. Managing people is one of the most difficult and important functions of management. Successful managers and specialists give priority to people skills in the list of professionally significant qualities of the manager.
The organizational structure of the human resources management system is a number of interrelated parts of the system of personnel management. It reflects the current division of the rights, powers, roles and activities of the staff, their union at various levels of management, the integration of these units into a single unit. The basic rule of human resources planning is that planning should be considered in conjunction with the organization's strategic plan and match the periods of the plans. This statement means that if the short and long term objectives of the company are set, one needs to define and plan the required number of personnel to achieve objectives.
Human resource management shall decide the number of employees required for every department and what skills are necessary for the production process. The next step is to determine the need for additional employees. Hiring is based on staffing. The organizational structure of the personnel management system is the foundation of organizational structure of the company. This is a set of specialized functional units interconnected in the study, development, adoption and implementation of management decisions.

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