Leadership essay


Leadership essay

Title: Leadership and organizational effectiveness

Leadership essay writing may be an interesting activity for those students who are going to become managers at an organization. Writing the leadership essay may be not as easy as it seems because leadership is a very broad and complex concept. Sometimes it is difficult to immediately understand whether the person has appropriate abilities. A true leader is the person who leads people to achieve the desired purpose.

Essay on leadership may include analysis of leadership qualities in a company, change management, comparison of a manager and a leader, leadership styles, ethical aspects, and many others. Leadership essay writing consists of the preliminary stage, writing stage and editing of the entire paper. Much attention is paid to the leaderís role in the organization. Below is a free part from leadership essay sample created by the writer of Essay-Paper.net. You are required to reference it properly if you use any of the parts of this paper.

The difference between management and business leadership is that manager focuses on getting people to do things right while leader focuses on getting people to do the right things. However, most managers have leader's qualities. Effective business leadership includes the ability to establish business contacts, influence people. Good manners of a leader help him to quickly adapt to any situation.
A leader must have at least one follower. Influential leaders must have clear visions about their companies and their purpose is not only to have clear vision, but also to involve and instill the same vision in employees working in the organization. Influencing others should be done so that people can realize their potential, start working better in a team, achieve the highest results. Most business owners prefer the situation when their supervisors have leadership qualities, when manager is an ideologist of the process of change. On the contrary, when the person, being the creator of the idea, is able to organize it in practice, he must be prepared to see the consequences of his idea implementation. Therefore, there are factors that a leader can use to influence the business process, such as ideological, stimulating, administrative and responsibility factor.
Managerís abilities include the staff selection, the work coordination ensuring strict control. The skills of a manager to deliver precise and clear objective being committed to achieve it, be realistic about the circumstances adapting to them without changing the principle positions are very important for any organization. The abilities of a manager also presuppose to do the job with high efficiency for a long time, consciously striving to achieve the goal, carry out the activity based on own capabilities without additional assistance, maintain discipline in the team, act vigorously highlighting ideas and outlining the ways of their implementation. The most important thing here is that effective leaders do a lot of managing work, and effective managers need to lead people. It means that management and leadership are both necessary for a business to successful.
In the transactional leadership model, leaders can use some kind of reward or punishment to force his followers to finish their tasks. Transactional leadership means that the leader gives tasks that the employee should complete due to that the leader has formal authority. An ordinary pattern is the employer - employee relationship. The employer explains to employee what tasks he expects him to fulfill and then the employer will reward employee for his efforts. The relationship between leader and follower in this model is largely based on an economic exchange. This type of leadership is effective in crisis situations, as well as when projects are to be performed during changes at the organization.

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