Love essay


Love essay

Title: I love Lucy and all my other students

Free love essay for college students. This is a free sample of love essay specially created for students in order to assist them in their academic career. You are required to reference it properly if you use any of the parts of this love essay.

The greatest principal in human nature is the wish to be appreciated and loved. If you treat people as if they were what they should be and could be, they will become what they should be and could be. There is no stimulus like that which comes from realizing that others believe in you and love you. It is not enough for a good teacher to be knowledgeable and skillful in learning theory and teaching methods. Being a teacher is not easy and usually it takes much time, efforts and energy. A teacher should show his appreciation and love to students as often as possible.
All students can learn no matter what labels may have been put on them in the past. Building self-respect is the key principle to help students to believe they are capable of learning, and motivating them to have a try. Students are able to take risks necessary for growth when surrounded in a climate of mutual understanding where mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn and their ideas and attempts are appreciated. The teacher should show the same respect and love to students that he/she wants to get from them.
Teacher should really care about his students, no matter how difficult the circumstances may prove to be. Many teachers not only care about their students while they are teaching them, they are also distressed for their future lives. Their students' achievements are their teachers' achievements. Proper teaching, which includes loving discipline, needs time. A teacher should be attentive and patient with all his students, despite their shortcomings, and after some time he will be fully rewarded for his love and patience.
Most teachers agree that unconditional love is the major key to children's success in school, and in life. Life is not always ideal, but teachers should do everything that is in their power to show their students love and care, notwithstanding the circumstances. Every student wants to love and be loved in return, and everyone deserves happiness. A teacher should try to surround his students with care and attention, to support them in a difficult situation.
A good teacher should take time to be number one teacher for his students. Hi is the first and most influential teacher in child’s life after parents. His student's success is also teacher’s success. And, even student’s failures can be achievements if a teacher shows students how to handle the failures that can come in life. The “I Love Lucy” show is a brilliant example of showing your love to students who are mindful to love, those who demand your attention, like Lucy, as well as to those who are very often overlooked and forgotten, like Ethyl from the show (Andrews, Bart, 1985, p. 35).

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