Political essay


Political essay

Title: The global political value of the Internet.

Every student may be asked to write a political essay. Everyone is a part of society being involved in the political process. Your essay may be about politics in general or about a single event. If you decide to write about a historic political fact you should think about its current importance. Below you will find a sample of political essay written by our writer. It is not allowed to use any part of this paper without a quote.

The great political problem for the world in the 21st century is the great gap between the rich and the poor. Poverty is the state for the majority of people. In the face of great external effect, poor states and their population stay powerless. As a result, in the world some become wealthy while the majority stay poor. Besides, the division into social classes opens a new problem that arouses the rich and poor gap.
The Information Age, the high technology and the role of the Internet have a great influence on political relations in the 21st century. Nowadays, the rule of law, open markets and democracy will be the basis for the wealth creation. That is why in today’s world such tendencies, as liberalism, idealism and realism become very popular all over the world. As a tool of communication and technology sharing, the Internet has become a powerful force that is difficult to control.
Global political objective is to facilitate the understanding of different nations. The Internet plays a major role in this aspect becoming a device for social communication. People of different cultures, religions and social classes are united into the social groups via the Internet. It is obvious that the Internet has become an important element of the global political integration.
While the politics is an integral part of society, the social networks have become an integral part of the Internet. Currently, the popularity of such social networks, as Facebook or Twitter is impressive. The number of members of social networks is growing every day. More and more people are involved in the integration process of the international community. Joining a social network people cannot guess that they contribute to the development of world politics becoming a part of the global social and political process.
The Internet is important for the political process not only as a device for social relations. To date, the Internet has become a part of the global economy. Banking, stock exchange, buying and selling products via the Internet, online services, and others all these activities make up a huge financial flow. The Internet has become a place where these financial flows take place becoming a global world market. The existence of a modern economy is impossible without the Internet the same way as the polical relations cannot exist without an efficient economy.

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