Sociology essay


Sociology essay

Title: Organizational behavior issue

Writing sociology essay is a specific task and is the necessary part of academic career. Sociology is an essential part of study in many universities. Understanding of the sociology and sociological relations in society can greatly help your career. Therefore, it is important to know how to write essays on sociology. This sociology essay sample has been created as a guide for students who need to write their own sociology essays. If you use any of the fragments of this sociology essay you are required to reference it accordingly.

The Industrial Revolution that began from the development of steam power and the founding of big factories in the late Eighteenth Century result in great alterations in the production of fabrics and other products. The factories that developed created great difficulties to organization that had not existed before. Governing these new factories and then new entities like railways with the requirement of governing large flows of material, staff, and information over great distances caused the need for some ways of dealing with the recent management problems.
The most significant of those who began to found a science of management was Frederic Taylor. He was one of the first who tried to analyze human behavior at a work place systematically. His sample was the machine with inexpensive, interchangeable details, each of which executes only one certain function. Taylor tried to do to great organizations what workers have done to machines. Just as machine details are easily interchangeable, inexpensive, and passive, so should people be the same in the machine sample of organizations.
New departments appeared such as personnel, industrial engineering, and quality check. There was also increase in middle management as there developed a separation of planning from controlling. Reasonable rules replaced test and mistake; management became formalized and effectively grew. Certainly, this did not happen without opposition. First the old group of managers opposed the fact that management was a science to be explored not something that was born with. After that of course, many employees opposed what some thought the "dehumanization of work."
To be just, Taylor also studied problems such as lassitude and security and urged management to learn the relation between job breaks, and the length of the work day and efficiency and persuaded many companies that the careful performance of breaks and a shorter day could increase efficiency. However, the industrial worker with his stop watch and clip-board, standing over you measuring every little part of the work and one's motions became a hated person and caused to much sabotage and group opposition.
In spite the economic development brought about in part by scientific management, critics were calling attention to the "obscure side of progress," which consisted of severe labour conflict, apathy, weariness, and spent in vain human resources. These notions made a number of researchers to study the discrepancy between how an organization was expected to work against how the workers actually conducted. In addition, notions like World War I, progress in psychology and later the depression, all resulted into question some of the main notions of the scientific management school.

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