Philosophy essay


Philosophy essay

Title: Sources of happiness and the triumph of the human spirit

Writing a philosophy essay is an essential part of student’s academic career. Philosophy essay requires the knowledge of some concrete sources and works of famous philosophers. This page represents a free extract from philosophy essay example created by a writer of This essay sample shows the main notions and concepts necessary for writing essays in philosophy.

Subjective notion of happiness has been studied in many disciplines (such as philosophy) over centuries. People spend all the life searching for happiness and peace. They try to reach frivolous dreams in hope to find happiness. The thing is that people need to look inside themselves and to find balance and harmony to become happy. The transcendent makes a person strong even in the concentration camp. If a person beliefs in the supreme power he will stand all the tests of life. A vivid example of great will of mind is the major character of the book ‘Man's search for meaning’. He has a will-power to suffer all the pain and humiliation in the concentration camp. In this book Viktor Frankl describes the inhuman circumstances of prisons and their strong power of mind and the belief in transcendent that helped them to survive and find happiness.
Happiness is not a mere dream a person has to reach and become happy. It is the state of mind a person creates right now. Happiness is a reaction to actions that happen to a person. Consequently, happiness is a person’s positive attitude to the life in general and to some certain moments in the life in particular. Happiness means a conscious life for the major character of ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ written by Albom. Although he knows he has ALS and will die soon, he tries to grasp every happy moment of his life.
Morrie finds happiness in a communication with his family and a friend. ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ is a vivid example of the triumph of the human spirit in a world of chaos, suffering and death. Morrie has a strong spirit that does not bend down in the face of death trying to live happy last moments. He teaches us a lesson – to live the life to the fullest pointing out that ‘when you learn how to die, you learn how to live’ (Albom, 1997 p. 175).
A human being cannot be happy all the time. In general, happiness is an abstract philosophical notion and everyone has its own understanding of it. In ‘The book of job’ Mitchell describes the God of Job who is not cruel. Besides, the book answers many questions of modern Christianity and confirms the traditional meaning of transcendent in a human life. It describes how a person can find happiness in an action that he likes. Consequently, happiness is the state of mind rather than external conditions and events. The sources of happiness are different as people are different: some people find happiness in communication with relatives, others – in the work. No matter how life can be difficult for a person, he will triumph in the world full of suffering and death as there is something that brings him happy moments.

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