Research paper format


Research paper format

The correct research paper format is very important for a good paper. All students are asked to stick to a certain format while completing this or that assignment. Although there are some aspects that are similar, each research paper has its own structure and formatting rules. This guide has been created to help students in their academic career as everyone understands the importance of good education for future career success and writing format in particular.

You will not deny the fact that some basic structure should be kept in mind. For example, literature assignment is usually organized differently from an assignment on physics or math. However, the following major parts are present in every research paper: title page, table of contents, abstract, introduction, main body that may include several points, conclusion, and references list.

Every student should realize that writing format is the essence of the entire paper that should be taken seriously. The title page communicates the topic of the work, name of the student, course, professorís or instructorís name and submission date.

Abstract is an overview of the whole research paper that shows what the work is about and what results you have obtained during the research process. The introduction usually gives some basic and general information on the research paper topic. It contains work purpose, as well as thesis statement. This is the part that should capture readerís attention with the help of some interesting and proven facts, data, and examples.

Main body includes the discussion of the research topic. Every paragraph contains a separate idea that is linked to the next one. This method ensures coherence of all paper parts making the work complete. Every idea mentioned in the introduction should be discussed in detail in the main part of the work titled the body. Besides, supporting ideas should be touched as well in different paragraphs. This part is the longest one on the entire work, while the conclusion should not be too long.

The conclusion summarizes main ideas given in the work ensuring the format is followed in accordance with college or university requirements specifies by instructor or professor. Be sure to complete work according to all the requirements including format, work length, academic style, etc.

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