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Research proposal

Research proposal is similar to writing a project or business proposal. If you are a university student, you will surely have such a task that includes research for completing a proposal. We should note there exist certain structure and procedure for writing this kind of academic papers. Research proposal refers to formal projects completed according to a defined form. This guideline will help you to write your research proposal according to standards determined for it.

At first, it is necessary to choose the topic for your work. The topic should not be too broad or too narrow. It should give you space for further research. The field of study determines the form of a proposal that usually contains literature review occupying much space within a paper.

You should know that a dissertation starts from a research proposal that is accepted by professors before you start writing the dissertation. First of all, you give a statement of the problem you are going to study. This is the basis for your future research that is supported with a literature review and a detailed methodology for carrying out the study. A methodology contains a number of methods you will use qualitative, quantitative, case study, experiment, sampling, etc. It should be done in accordance with professional field requirements.

In a research proposal every student must state the major purpose of the actual research showing the issue that needs further investigation. Besides, the study process is explained step by step giving the results, which are to prove a valuable contribution to the filed of study, as well as its suitability. Sometimes, a research proposal may contain 3 or 5 pages of you are the beginner, while it may reach 30 or 40 pages when you are aware of all proposal stages and requirements.

Remember, writing a research proposal is a necessary step for completing a dissertation; it shows how well you understand the problem, the task and analysis methodology. You show that you have researched literature available on the topic and able to conduct your own research. There exist strict rules for proposal organization and structure. They are introduction and theoretical framework, scope of the study and problem identification, aim of the research, literature review, hypotheses, methodology, limitations, study importance, bibliography, and appendixes (if any).

Writing a research proposal is a very good idea even if you are not required to complete it before writing a dissertation. It is true advantage that can be used in a dissertation suitably applied to an appropriate chapter. In your proposal try to specify at least approximately how much time you need for every stage of your study to be carried out.

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